Voice Coaching

Use Your Voice For Maximum Impact

How often do you meet someone who looks impressive until they open their mouth?

The voice is the primary tool of effective communication – an indicator of level of confidence and leadership. Speaking with clarity, conviction and impact is an essential skill, which can be developed through voice coaching. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

The human voice is remarkable and individually unique. My voice training enables you to gain immediate power, control and gravitas and to find your authentic voice. Using vocal exercises you will understand breathing, posture, voice tones and how you can use your voice for dynamic impact. You will develop a warm richer vocal tone and learn how to communicate with passion and power.

Whether it is for a business pitch, an interview or a Zoom call, you will be empowered to achieve your potential. If your accent needs adapting so you can be clearly understood, you will be given the tools to succeed.




  • Control of your voice and breathing, improved posture and energy
  • A persuasive speaking style with personal magnetism
  • Control of nervous energy and fear
  • Clarity of articulation, pace, inflection and pitch for maximum impact
  • A clear confident authentic voice with gravitas
  • Strong interview skills and confidence speaking publicly